You Can Now Use Wealthfront to Build and Automate Your Own Portfolio

Maybe you’re bullish on TSLA, but you still want to invest in index funds. Maybe you’re passionate about building a better future, and you want an entire portfolio of socially responsible investments. Maybe you like Wealthfront’s recommended portfolios, but there’s one asset class you’d like to tweak. Investing is personal, and your preferences matter. We want to empower you to build a portfolio you believe in and help you grow your long-term wealth responsibly. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that you can now build and automate your own portfolio with Wealthfront.

Whether you use our recommended portfolios, adjust our recommendations, start from scratch, or bring your portfolio over from your brokerage firm, you can now build your ideal portfolio and let us automate it. You can also build a portfolio that exclusively holds our highly acclaimed US Direct Indexing offering. We even plan to allow you to hold cryptocurrency and individual stocks at Wealthfront.

Once you set up your portfolio, we’ll automate it so it works even harder. Wealthfront offers industry-leading automation features like Tax-Loss Harvesting (which typically generates enough tax savings to more than cover our advisory fee), intelligent dividend reinvestment, and tax-sensitive rebalancing. These features give your portfolio an edge and maximize your after-tax returns with no extra effort on your part and at no additional cost. 

Choose from our carefully vetted ETFs

Anyone can customize a Wealthfront Investment Account or IRA with just a few taps. We give you access to popular ETFs (all vetted by our investment team) that make it easy to build a portfolio you’re excited about. Now, you can build a diversified socially responsible portfolio using our selection of SRI ETFs, and we’ll conduct Tax-Loss Harvesting when there’s a suitable SRI alternate. If you’re optimistic about tech, you can add a technology sector ETF like QQQ to your portfolio. Or maybe you just want to buy Cathie Wood’s award-winning ETF ARKK or open a second account to try out a new strategy. 

We also make it easy to transfer investments from another brokerage firm – you can move over any ETFs we support and let us manage them for you. That means we’ll automatically reinvest your dividends, rebalance your portfolio and apply Tax-Loss Harvesting when appropriate.  

Your ideal portfolio, automated

Wealthfront’s automation saves you time and effort starting from the moment you fund your account. You can skip the manual trades because we’ll automatically handle all of the buying and selling for you, and we’ll maintain your allocation over time. 

Our automation helps keep your tax bill low, too. Wealthfront’s Tax-Loss Harvesting takes advantage of daily market volatility so you can keep more of what you earn. You’ll also get intelligent dividend reinvestment, tax-minimized withdrawals, and tax-sensitive rebalancing all at no additional cost. Wealthfront portfolios have a major advantage over those offered by other robo-advisors and traditional brokerages because Wealthfront’s industry-leading automation works to maximize your after-tax returns. By using software, we can keep our costs low enough to make money with you, not from you. 

A platform designed to offer you more

We’ve created a platform that empowers you to make your own investing decisions so you can grow your long-term wealth effortlessly. In the future, we plan to offer even more options including cryptocurrency, individual stocks, and hundreds more ETFs to choose from. Wealthfront will be the one platform you need to manage all of your investments, and because our Tax-Loss Harvesting more than covers our advisory fee for most clients,  there will be no reason to deal with the hassle of managing your own portfolio anymore.   

At Wealthfront, our mission is to build a new financial system that favors people, not institutions. That means putting your interests ahead of ours in all that we do. You can count on us to keep working tirelessly to deliver innovative new products and services that help make you financially successful. We will continue to give you expert guidance – we’ll recommend portfolios, offer time-tested strategies rooted in academic research, and provide information at every turn – but at the end of the day, you call the shots. We’re here to support you as you build a secure and rewarding financial future on your own terms.