The Block 2021 episode 37 hallway reveal: Kirsty and Jesse nudge out stiff competition from Ronnie and Georgia to win hell week

After seeing Kirsty soldier on after the heartbreak of losing her beloved grandmother, nobody could begrudge her taking home the win for hell week.

Despite leaving The Block for 24 hours to spend time with grieving family members, the couple managed (with some help from the All Stars) to complete an entranceway, laundry and huge bathroom that left judges Neale Whitaker, Shaynna Blaze and Darren Palmer awe inspired.

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The size and scale of Kirsty and Jesse's powder room flawed the judges Picture: Supplied, Channel 9

The size and scale of Kirsty and Jesse’s powder room flawed the judges. Picture: Supplied, Channel 9

“This couple astound me,” Neale marvelled after seeing their well-appointed hallway, complete with built-in bench seating and storage.

“I can’t think of the last time we’ve had a couple on The Block who were on such a trajectory.”

“I am sure it was hell but there’s no hint of angst or panic [in their rooms].”

The couple, who have the largest garden to finish next week, took home a whopping $20,000 in cash for receiving the highest score and two perfect tens.

The judges were wowed by Kirsty and Jesse's sophisticated and well-planned hallway Picture: supplied, Channel 9

The judges were wowed by Kirsty and Jesse’s sophisticated and well-planned hallway. Picture: supplied, Channel 9

Second place winners, Ronnie and Georgia didn’t go home empty-handed either, pocketing $5000 for also scoring a perfect 10 from one of the judges for their well-presented rooms.

Upon touring Ronnie and Georgia’s laundry the judges were in swoons over brooms.

Neale commented that he’d reached the stage of life where the sight of a well-appointed broom closet delighted him.

Storage queen, Shaynna also loved the fact they’d thought to include attic space to stow things like luggage and Christmas decorations.

Believe it or not the praise kept coming at Mitch and Mark’s place which left the pair visibly delighted.

After whingeing for weeks that they paid no heed to what the judges said, Mitch and Mark surprisingly ate their words and decided to add a full-size pantry to their kitchen.

Bespoke artwork lined Ronnie and Georgia's hallway Picture: Supplied, Channel 9

Bespoke artwork lined Ronnie and Georgia’s hallway. Picture: Supplied, Channel 9

If you recall, just a week earlier, Mitch had gone on a foul-mouthed tirade about the judges’ comments on their lack of pantry space.

All three judges were thrilled to see the new pantry had been installed. They also admired the couple’s art choices and unusual choice of a glass floor over their basement.

Neale happily strutted his stuff on the catwalk-sized feature floor, saying the pair “always had something up their sleeves.”

The success of the peekaboo floor however, Shaynna said, would depend on what it would ultimately highlight in the basement underneath. Let’s hope its not a window into the underground steam room as that could give those in the kitchen above a bit more than they bargained for to digest at breakfast time.

There were questionable choices at Tanya and Vito’s place, as usual. The judges were divided by a mirror featuring a painting of a lady licking lipstick.

judges Shaynna Blaze and Neale Whitaker were unimpressed by Tanya and Vito's bathroom mirror Picture: Supplied, Channel 9

judges Shaynna Blaze and Neale Whitaker were unimpressed by Tanya and Vito’s bathroom mirror. Picture: Supplied, Channel 9

Neale said it was one of the ugliest things he’d ever seen, while Darren thought it was quirky and in keeping with their style.

There were harsh words too for their hallway, where Neale said the artwork looked “cheap” (and it probably was given they have no cash to splash on bespoke pieces like Ronnie and Georgia).

They also pointed out the fact the couple had made the fuse box an unintentional feature.

They reserved their harshest words for Josh and Luke’s place which was, by the twin’s own admission in a handwritten note for the judges, a mess.

Twins Josh and Luke's disorganisation leaves a construction mess for judges Picture: Supplied, Channel 9

Twins Josh and Luke’s disorganisation leaves a construction mess for judges. Picture: Supplied, Channel 9

They bit off more than they could chew trying to follow the judges’ advice to swap their living and dining spaces and excavate for a pool on top of doing their hallways, powder room and laundry.

Speaking of laundries, the saga over Tanya and Vito’s shady install continued.

Ahead of judgment, Tanya spent the morning flashing her Kinsman invoice around to prove she’d paid the ultimate price for waiting until hell week to do her laundry.

Upon sighting the paperwork, Georgia simply laughed and walked away. Mark, however, held Tanya to account revealing he’d investigated the matter with Kinsman and knew for a fact they’d only paid the invoice because they’d been caught out.

Vito was furious at Mark’s espionage work, saying the All Star should focus on his own home rather than what they were up to.

Mark confronts Tanya about her laundry lies Picture: Supplied, Channel 9

Mark confronts Tanya about her laundry lies. Picture: Supplied, Channel 9

Tanya laughingly agreed, pointing out the fact that Mitch and Mark repeatedly received low scores and couldn’t afford to be devoting energy to their dirty laundry tactics.

Tanya told Mark that he should just come directly to her if he had questions – although, as we all know, that wouldn’t guarantee a completely honest response rather “her truth”.

Mark said he’d never recovered from Tanya calling them pigs during a heated Body Corporate meeting.

Again, Tanya put her own spin on things arguing it was “an analogy for the behaviour not the person.”

Tanya then issued that classic non-apology, telling Mark she was sorry he felt offended by her remarks, later giggling to Vito that she was also sorry he was a “condescending old man”.

I guess, that’s a step up from being called a pig.

In an interview with producers, Tanya was still peddling the line that she’d always expected to pay for the cupboards until she was reminded that she had said, on camera, that she thought they’d be free.

Tanya backtracks on her story when reminded she bragged about getting her laundry installed for free on the sly. Picture: Supplied, Channel 9

Tanya backtracks on her story when reminded she bragged about getting her laundry installed for free on the sly. Picture: Supplied, Channel 9

“Did I?” she asked, wide-eyed before beginning with another version of “her truth”.

“Because money was never discussed, probably? So, I probably was under the assumption that they would be for free because money was never discussed so, I probably was thinking maybe he will do it for free like everybody else.

“So, my story would have been well you guys got it for free, so we got it for free too. Isn’t that fair?” Ahh no.

It was made pretty clear a number of times that anyone who didn’t get the work done in Living and Dining Room week would have to pay.

“It would have been a cheeky freebie,” she giggled. She should know better than to try and pull a swiftie with so many cameras – not to mention Georgia – watching every move.


Kirsty and Jesse: 29.5

Ronnie and Georgia: 29

Mitch and Mark: 26.5

Tanya and Vito: 25

Josh and Luke: 18.5


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