Stop/Go Earrings!

Let your hacker friends know how you really feel! Should I wear this rainbow hat? Point to Go! Should I burn the bottom half of this piece of art? Point to Stop! These absolutely awesome lightweight Stop/Go Earrings caught my eye instantly when they appeared on the Tindie front page. They’re silly, decorative, and endearing all at once!

Each earring is made with sterling silver ear loops and has a very different battery life because of the type of LEDs used. The GO earring will last about 35 hours, whereas the STOP earring can get 70. The earrings flash back and forth between alternating pairs of LEDs, making them very eye-catching. The decision to have PCB traces on the front gives them a very electronic, hacker-chic look. They use the smaller CR1225 batteries, and the oscillation is done with a very simple capacitor/transistor circuit.

The next time you’re trying to find something cool to wear to a Maker Faire, hackerspace meetup, or to your next office meeting (so you can clearly indicate your thoughts on proposals) check out these earrings by TSJ Electronics from New Jersey! They are also running a sale on their DIY Christmas decorations at the moment, so make sure to check those out too!