New World: How to Quickly Level From 1-60

Power Leveling in New World

Starting Amazon’s newest MMO means getting thrown into a whirlwind of quests, crafting, items to grind and general fun. It can all be a little overwhelming so this guide hopes to make things a little bit easier for you by laying out the ways through which you’ll get to the level cap. There’s a wide range of skills in the game; from armoring, jewelcrafting, logging, mining, smelting, and or harvesting. With such a rich game, Amazon has made clear their ambitions to challenge the other heavy-hitters of the MMO genre, especially World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV. Players begin their journey when they end up shipwrecked by a storm, arriving on the island of Aeternum they begin their journey by learning the combat mechanics, which they will rely on throughout the rest of the game: dodging, light attacks and heavy attacks. These will be the foundation of your time in New World and it’s important to understand how everything works. They also allow you to choose a combat style that works for you.

The level cap in New World is 60. At that point, players will find their gear score (a metric for determining the quality of their gear) to be hovering at around 480-500. That’s not the gear score cap, which means that at level 60, for many players, the game has only just begun. That’s where the grinding picks up a level and players can search for the best weapons and armor to optimize their characters to face the most challenging enemies. The goal of this guide is to show you the way I got from level 1 to level 60. It won’t go into microscopic detail, but it will hopefully give readers a general sense of where to go, what to look out for, and what not to do on their journey to the end-game.

Levels 1-10

Level 1-10 are the easiest and relatively straightforward. Starting in any of the locations one can spawn (Monarch’s Bluff, First Light, Windsward), players will be asked to obtain information from the site of their shipwreck. Players can get to level 10 just from following this questline.  It’s ideal for players to stay in the general areas they spawn in to avoid dangerous mobs they can’t take on just yet.

Levels 10-20

Levels 10-20 are like 1-10, the one difference is that players will now focus on some skills that will help them out during later gameplay. During these levels, player should also be using the settlements for side quests, to gain bonus exp, along with the main quest. These side quests can be found by looking for yellow cross-like indictors above friendly or neutral NPCS. While questing, players will find various materials, such as iron ore, Dragon Glory, or Azoth Water, and much more, scattered around New World. Make sure to collect as much of these resources as you possibly can as they will set a foundation for your crafting later.

Levels 20-45

Players should aim to have around sixty+ levels in all skills at this point. They should be obtaining wood from trees, mining ores, harvesting hemp, and looting chest which contain crafting regents in to smelt iron bars into steel bars, for instance. During this time, players will notice that quest are not yielding as much relative experience as they’ve been used and that leveling can really slow to a grind. The quests keep giving the same amount of experience but the experience to level up is raised. Remember all the materials I had asked you to collect on your travels from doing the main quest and side quest? Now is the time to put those to work.

Since players are looking for the most experience for their time, I forced myself to turn in the raw materials instead of refined them at this point. Keeping up in town project boards that yields greater experience than crafting.

Levels 45-60

After getting to level 45, players will want to do every town project board they can manage. Choose towns that you can fast travel to quickly, and if it’s at all possible, purchase homes in these territories. This lets you fast travel to your home, which cheaper than traveling with Azoth. This is especially important since weight plays a factor in the fast travel system in New World. Town project boards can only be used if the reigning company is keeping active town projects going.

IF you can buy resources for the town projects, the that is recommended, since buying raw materials and converting them to the higher end versions is more beneficial at this level range. Players will also want to have around 100+ in all the refining skills at the point, since this allows for higher materials to be used on town project boards. You can turn in 20 Star metal Ingots for 10,300 experience, as an example.

Level 60+

After level 60 players will have to participate in dungeons, elite camps, level 60 side quests, and weapon mastery quests to increase your gear score. Much like in other MMOs, once you hit the level cap, the focus is on optimizing your gear and improving its score. In WoW this gear score is called Item Level, whereas in New World it’s simply Gear Score. You will slowly creep your way from 500 to 600. Players need to increase this GS incrementally, as the game requires you to have, for example, a helmet at 510 GS before they can get on that’s 520. The term for this is a “watermark,” in the community.

In any case, this is a general guide on how to get to level 60 in New World, as a newly released game it can be intimidating to players who are just starting, hopefully this guide helped make the experience less painful. Happy gaming and I hope you’re enjoying your time in Amazon’s new MMO.