Key to Success….

Yesterday, I was listening to the radio in my car while I was driving to work when I heard something interesting. They said that reading is the key to success for your kids……more so than sports, cooking, sowing, or any other extracurricular activity.

How do you get your kids to read with all this technology that’s we’ve got? We have TVs, iPods, computers, video games, smart phones, etc. and they’re advancing the more time that goes by. So, how do you get your kids to read with so many distractions?

  • Turn off the technology and make it a point to read to your child. You can agree to read a chapter each evening before the kiddos go off to bed or agree to read for X amount of minutes before bedtime. You can read to your child or your child can read to you, depending on how old your child is.
  • If your child is old enough that they can read to you, they can read to you while you are in the kitchen making dinner. They can sit at the kitchen table (or some other place that’s not directly in your way) while you’re cooking and read their favorite books to you.
  • They can read to you in the car (if they are susceptible to getting car sick) while you’re driving them to school, taking them to soccer practice or going to a birthday party. Anytime you get in the car, your child can read to you.