A Helping Hand From A Robot Arm!

You’ve seen industrial 6-axis robots on TV, or perhaps even viewed them in person, perhaps behind a cage to keep observers safe. Actually working with these beasts (which normally cost many tens of thousands of dollars) requires the backing of a manufacturing or research enterprise, or space as well as capital that most of us don’t have to spare.

MyCobot, by Elephant Robotics Official, however, presents a different option, claiming to be the “world’s smallest and lightest 6-axis cobot.” It’s also among the least expensive, at $599 for the standard version, and $699 for the myCobot Pi, which features a Raspberry Pi controller.

Weight is only 850g, and it can manipulate a payload of 250g. Multiple programming methods are available and it works with the well known Robot Operating System, or ROS. The base and wrist sections feature both screw connections, as well as LEGO pip patterns, making it easy to secure it or attach end effector tooling.

A variety of potential uses for the ‘bot are shown in the video, including unloading a small oven, assisting you with manufacturing tasks, and playing with blocks and balls using a vacuum gripper. Personally, I’d be most excited about the camera application at around 0:50, allowing you to take a wide range of moving shots with a smartphone!

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