555 Breadboard Blinky Kit

Just use a 555 they said! While old-school electronics aficionados will be intimately familiar with these devices, those new to this world may wonder what all the fuss is about. For that matter, you might wonder what other components are needed to make something work other than the 555 itself.

If that sounds like you–or perhaps “a friend”–then this breadboard kit includes everything that you need to flash a pair of LEDs, with the exception of a 9V battery. As noted by creator DigiTronics, “It is a simple circuit so you won’t be overwhelmed with difficult connections and crazy components.” On the other hand, the little breadboard could be modified in a multitude of ways, so once you’ve outgrown its dual-blinky functionality, it’s ready for new adventures.

Of course, this isn’t the only way to use a 555. While not for sale (yet?), the Trollduino V1.0 implements a 555 chip in the Arduino Uno form factor, making a fun joke and/or learning device. For other options, the 555 mode kit looks like an interesting way to experiment, and this tiny surface-mount PCB would certainly be a challenge to put together!